Multiples’ story is an amalgamation of events and sequences that led to its establishment and current state
Multiples’ business model in several deminsions
Multiples’ value proposition differentiates it from any other consultancy firm
Multiples’ unique approach & methodology enables it to deliver its services efficiently and effectively
Multiples provides specialized services enabling its clients to grow beyond their current reach

Multiples’ Service

Multiples’ core offering is enabling businesses to grow and scale beyond their existing capabilities through a concrete strategy, smart and innovative growth drivers

Multiples’ Story

Multiples is the outcome of over a two decades of successful track record in growing businesses combined with the passion and drive to create an impact to growing companies and to the economy in general.

Multiples’ Story

Multiples’ story has been built through a sequence of events combined with the founders’ dedication which constituted its main corner stone. Multiples is looking forward to continue the journey by creating an impact on all its stakeholders.

Pillars of Our Story

Multiples would not have seen the light if it were not for the below pillars that the founders’ relied on.

Multiples’ founders establishing a vast hands-on expertise in the business sector over the last 17 Years

Founders leading the growth of various private and public entities

Building successful track records in scaling companies beyond their reach

Spotting the growth challenge in the market, where companies are “stuck” and unable to strategically grow

The KSA vision 2030 becoming a catalyzer to incentivize and support growth

Founders leaving their jobs and building the team with an aligned culture to create the concept

Our Clients

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Multiples Today

Multiples is a boutique growth consultancy firm aiming at scaling companies beyond their current reach through a well-developed strategy and growth drivers. The below illustrates where Multiples stands today since its inception.

Multiples is your go-to specialized
boutique consulting firm focused on
growth and scalability. Multiples explores
growth drivers, aligns strategies and
enables companies to grow beyond their
existing potential

Multiples targets private or public entities those who are seeking to grow beyond their potential. From SMEs to large corporates, Multiples will enable its clients to explore new growth horizons
Multiples’ presence expands across the MENA region at the moment with a focus on the growing market of KSA, and contributing towards the 2030 vision by supporting the growth of companies
Multiples strongly believes in the sense of community and accordingly has built a powerful network of professionals, industry experts and supporters who provide their collective mindsets towards a shared goal
Multiples is industry-agnostic spanning its services across multiple verticals while having an edge in the Manpower, real estate market. Multiples expertise also covers both private and public sectors
Multiples is building a brand that revolves around culture, trust, cooperation and innovation. Multiples aims to be perceived as a catalyzer for growth and a brand that targets impact beyond financial returns